Challenge Yourself to a New Weight Loss Goal
health&fitness , HOME / Mayıs 14, 2017

Setting goals is a fantastic way to motivate yourself, regardless of what it is you’re trying to achieve. Of course what you’re trying to achieve is a goal in itself but setting shorter goals gives you something that you can aim for in a shorter term and that then means you get the satisfaction of feeling as though you’re making progress as you tick things off of your list. This is why ‘gamification’ works so well as a way to motivate yourself through challenges. This means turning an objective into a game that you can score yourself on. This feedback loop provides incentive and reward and helps you to measure your improvement. The only problem? Not many people know how to set goals. Read on then and we’ll look at how setting the right goal can be the perfect tool to help you complete those challenges. The Hallmarks of a Good Goal How can a goal be either ‘good’ or ‘bad’? Well, a bad goal would be something that was a) out of your control and b) too distant to be useful. This is actually what most resolutions and weight loss goals look like. If your goal is to ‘lose…

Lose Body Fat Fast
health&fitness , HOME / Mayıs 14, 2017

Are you finding it hard to commit to a well-deserved diet plan? Don’t be disheartened as millions worldwide aren’t able to even make it to the second base after starting. But here is the fact, it is not difficult to lose body fat fast in less than a month. The reason we give up so often is due to a few key mistakes we make during our diet plan. Here are 2 secrets to successfully sticking with a weight loss program. Get A Work Out Companion Get a partner who basically has the same goal. When you have company, you aspire to push yourself to the limit. Sometimes competition helps to sharpen your program. Both parties will experience a drive even when there are times when quitting becomes imminent. Don’t Starve Yourself To tDeah! To lose body fat fast, starving yourself during your diet program does more harm than good. Your brain is intelligent enough to anticipate the next meal time and it will store your food to make up for the lack of eating. Therefore train your body to eat during your diet plan. You might want to focus your diet on foods that break down and digest slowly….

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